The World's Leading Supplier of Artists' Materials

Colart Worldwide

An international force

ColArt operates in a truly international marketplace. Whether they are professionals or amateurs, people paint in every country in the world. In fact, the ability of painting to transcend geographic and linguistic barriers has on several occasions been the inspiration for collaborative projects between our organisation and the United Nations.
The ColArt Group is the leading supplier of colour and associated art material products across the world, including products such as brushes and surfaces which are designed for use by artists of all abilities.We enjoy over a one-third share of the world market for artists’ colours, as well as being a leading supplier of colour products to the education and craft markets.

Distribution channels vary widely by market and by product category. In the USA, the traditional channels are often serviced by distributors and are complemented by craft chains and mass market retailers. In France, the very strong traditional Fine Art retailing sector is augmented by hypermarkets, which are extremely effective channels for distributing children’s products and for reaching new consumers.We sell to all these outlets plus many others, such as stationery and toy stores, which are important in certain markets.

ColArt subsidiaries operate in 16 countries and are supported by a cohesive international network of independent distributors. Altogether, ColArt products are sold in over 120 countries worldwide.

To meet the needs of this large and diverse market, we operate ten production facilities which are based in the UK, France and China. The main shareholder of ColArt is the privately owned Linden Group in Sweden, which also owns the Beckers Industrial Coatings, a business which specialises in the manufacture and distribution of surface coatings. Beckers itself has had an involvement in artists’ materials dating back to 1873, but also has leading positions in other areas of paint manufacture, such as coil coatings. The combined ColArt and Becker Group turnover is around SEK 6 billion.