About Us
  1. Our Story

    We want to inspire every artist in the world.

    We are truly committed to our vision. The creative industry is growing, and the opportunity of being able to provide sustainable tools and services has never been greater. Our people and brands are the driving force that will make it happen.

    Art has the power of bringing people together. Art has no boundaries. No rules. No limits.

    We are convinced that that there is an artist in everyone.

  1. We are proud of our fine art heritage and deep roots that have inspired artists for centuries.

    Now it’s time to take the next step; our driving force is to continue to inspire the next generation of creatives the world over.Regardless of skill, all creativity starts with a pen, pencil or brush. The starting point is always an idea that needs to be born, nurtured and grown. Our beloved brands, diversity, and deep knowledge will lead the way to a more personal relationship with our consumers, building a vibrant and creative community. Our unique global presence and passionate employees will make it happen.

  1. Our Owner

    Colart is owned by Lindéngruppen, a Swedish family-owned business which focuses on long-term development of industrial companies, such as Beckers, Höganäs AB and Moorbrook Textiles. 

    Lindéngruppen devotes time and resources to a number of non-profit projects because they believe they have a responsibility to engage with local and global communities. 

    Follow the link to find out more about our owner.

    Our Owner