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Elephant Art is now part of the Colart Group after the acquisition from Laurence King Publishing

From May 2017, the Colart Group is the main owner of the Elephant Art and Culture Magazine, now known as Elephant Art. In January 2017, Colart announced a partnership with Laurence King Publishing (“LKP”) in respect of the Elephant Art Culture Magazine. As a result of Colart’s acquisition of 75% of Elephant Publishing from LKP on 2nd May 2017 Elephant Art is now part of the Colart Group.

This acquisition comes just over a year after Colart announced its new vision of “inspiring every artist in the world”. Colart is the world’s leading artist’s materials company, and their new vision reflects their desire to reach new audiences. Colart recognizes the growing desire to be creative across all age groups, especially millennials, and their business plan reflects this. Colart aims to reach new audiences both online and offline.

Dennis van Schie, CEO of Colart comments, “It’s with great pleasure that I welcome the team behind Elephant Art to our family! We have very exciting times ahead of us and I am excited to see what the future brings. This is a true milestone in our transformation, and it will not only speed up our digital presence, it will bring creative cravers around the world closer to our company. We have also taken a step closer to reaching our vision of “inspiring every artist in the world.” 

With a varied and diverse readership, Elephant Art has become well known for its bold, informative and playful writing on art and visual culture. Their content, made up of interviews, studio visits, creative guides to cities and artistic economies, reaches a wide market of people who are enthusiastic and curious about the arts.

Founded in 2009 at a time when most magazines were turning to digital distribution only, Elephant Art is now distributed in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, France, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, China, Finland and Korea. Elephant Art is based in London. From May 2017, Dennis van Schie will act as the CEO and Chairman of Elephant Art.

Visit the Elephant website to find out more, and watch this space for more news.

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