Liquitex partnering up with Sing for Hope


At Colart, we are proud to support a number of initiatives, through our company, our brands and that everywhere we are based.

Today we are sharing one of our main partnership of 2019, between our brand Liquitex and the Sing for Hope organization.

First part: the partnership in North America

Early in the year, Liquitex became the official paint sponsor of the non-for-profit arts organization Sing for Hope, on their 2019 NYC piano programme. Intended to break down barriers and bring art to the people, 50 artist-designed pianos appeared in parks and community spaces in the five boroughs, each created using Liquitex acrylics.
With themes of joy, hope, inspiration and togetherness, the varied designs were all painted in a huge communal studio stocked with a full range of Liquitex paints, tools and mediums. Our team in North America ran technical workshops and shared skills to help the piano artists achieve their designs. From sketch portraits applied with direct transfer mediums, to layering, experimental graphic effects and varnishing for the great outdoors, Liquitex versatility has been put to the test on these unconventional three-dimensional canvases.

Second part: continuing our partnership in London

In a true global fashion, the partnership then moved to London in the autumn and on November 13th, Liquitex had the honor of launching the London edition of their partnership at our West London art and community space Elephant West.
The Sing for Hope London piano, titled “Express Yourself”, was designed and painted by renowned artist Stuart Semple, who generously donated his time and talent for this project. Stuart Semple is a modern and socially conscientious artist who works across a spectrum of channels, such as creating a docuseries for the BBC about “hostile design” that makes public spaces unaccommodating for the homeless.

The piano is remaining at Elephant West for all to play and enjoy through December before being donated to Colart’s long-term charity partner Hospital Rooms to be permanently placed in an adolescent mental health NHS ward, where it will be used as part of their music therapy program.

At Colart, we are very proud of Liquitex’ partnership with Sing for Hope throughout 2019 and are happy to confirm the brand will again be providing all of the paint used to design the pianos in 2020.

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