Ajita Chamberlin Celebrates 25 Years at Colart: From the Factory Floor to Group Sustainability Manager


Colart is proud to celebrate the significant role played by Ajita, our Global Sustainability Manager, in fostering a sustainability mindset throughout the organisation. Ajita’s dedication is highlighted by her pivotal role in successfully guiding Colart through the B Corp application process.

Today, 1st Februrary 2024,  Ajita celebrates 25 years working at Colart.  Here is her story …

Ajita’s journey with Colart began in the filling and assembly department at Wealdstone, where her accountability, passion, and drive quickly led her to the position of supervisor. This commitment has been a constant in her career, evident as she transitioned into Production Control. In this role, Ajita ensured that operations ran smoothly, with a focus on timely and complete delivery.

In 2011, faced with the closure of the factory, Colart recognised Ajita’s value and expertise, leading her to a new role managing Trade Marks. Her professionalism and organizational skills brought a new level of control to the department. Ajita’s willingness to go beyond her designated responsibilities became apparent as she took on additional roles, particularly in supporting our sustainability goals.

Ajita’s diverse skill set and commitment have proven invaluable in achieving Colart’s sustainability objectives. Her “can do,” “will do,” and “done” mindset has been a driving force behind our recent success in the B Corp assessment.

Thank you, Ajita, for your remarkable and diverse contributions over the past 25 years. Your dedication to your roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments has been truly commendable. A special acknowledgment for your tireless efforts in shaping a more sustainable future for Colart. Here’s to many more years of support impact at Colart. Congratulations!




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