Bonny Colart and Faber Castell Forge Strategic Alliance to Drive Market Expansion in Japan


Contract signed in Frankfurt on 28th January 2024
Product training with Faber Castell in Malaysia.


Bonny ColArt, a joint venture with Colart and Bonny Corporation in Japan, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Faber Castell, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality writing and drawing instruments. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they aim to leverage each other’s strengths to expand their market presence and drive distribution in Japan.

Bonny ColArt will distribute Faber Castell’s Red Line and General Writing products in Japan, thus strengthening its distribution network and influence. Bonny Colart will leverage its direct retail and educational institution relationships to facilitate further market penetration for Faber Castell.

“As the leading home of international creative brands, strongly established in Japan since 1969 with Liquitex followed by Winsor & Newton and our other brands, we are very pleased to announce this strategic distribution alliance with Faber Castell; this marks our common desire to inspire artists and build a more sustainable and inclusive world of colour creation”, says Romain Guinier, CEO of Colart.

The collaboration between Bonny ColArt and Faber Castell is built upon synergies between the two industry leaders. Although they do not directly compete in the Japanese market, they share common retail channels, opening doors for potential marketing tie-ups and cross-selling opportunities. To maximise these synergies, Faber Castell has appointed a dedicated marketing director stationed at the Bonny ColArt office, demonstrating a commitment to joint marketing efforts and resource pooling.

“We are very thrilled to embark on this strategic alliance with Faber Castell. Together, we are well-positioned to capitalise on each other’s strengths and drive mutual growth in the Japanese market. Our shared commitment to excellence and sustainability will undoubtedly pave the way for a successful partnership”, says Yuki Iwami, CEO of Bonny ColArt.

The partnership promises significant benefits for both parties. Bonny ColArt anticipates strengthened distribution power and influence with retailers, enabling more robust brand-building activities both in-store and at events. Moreover, the collaboration aims to extend reach and engagement through collaborative efforts in e-commerce and digital channels, tapping into the growing online consumer market.

“Founded in Stein, Germany in 1761, we are one of the oldest brands associated with writing implements, stationery, and art products. We are very excited with the partnership with Bonny Colart as we look forward to widening both the distribution and range of our products in the Japanese market”, says Andrew Woon, Managing Director for Faber Castell, Malaysia, Indochina, and East Asia.

The alliance between Bonny Colart and Faber Castell is rooted in shared values and principles. Both companies are recognised industry leaders renowned for their commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability. This alignment in values not only enhances the cohesion of the partnership but also underscores a shared vision for responsible business practices.

About Bonny Colart

Bonny ColArt is a leading distributor of educational and creative materials in Japan. They have a long history in Japan and are committed to providing innovative solutions to educators, artists, and learners worldwide. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Bonny ColArt strives to empower creativity and learning through its diverse range of products and services.

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About Faber Castell

Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading companies for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design as well as decorative cosmetic products. The company owes its leading position on the international market to its traditional commitment to the highest quality, its environmental leadership and the large number of product innovations.

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