Colart’s Latest Impact Report: Bio-based Innovations and Decarbonisation Drive Sustainability


Colart demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability in its latest impact report, just released. The report highlights a focused approach on outcome-oriented strategies backed by metrics, in-depth analysis, and compelling video case studies.

Across three strategic sustainability pillars—People, Operations, and Product—the report outlines promises made, accomplishments achieved, and future plans. Utilising images, charts, and diagrams, Colart provides a concise, data-backed overview of its impact.

A notable achievement featured in the report is the launch of bio-based acrylic paints under the Liquitex brand, marking a significant step towards reducing reliance on petroleum-derived materials and advancing eco-friendly product innovation. Colart’s dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in its efforts towards decarbonisation, resulting in reductions in CO2 emissions. At their site in Le Mans, France, a decarbonisation roadmap has been implemented, resulting in increased use of renewable energy, studies to minimize water consumption, and enhanced hazardous waste management practices.

The company also delivered the second phase of its global leadership programme, focusing on sustainable transformation and innovation. Building on its B Corp certification, Colart celebrated its inaugural B Corp Month in March, highlighting creative initiatives through its Winsor & Newton brand. Additionally, the company launched its Colart Manifesto, outlining its purpose, guiding principles, and cultural values.

The report also underscores Colart’s social impact, which includes initiatives such as artist residencies, charitable donations, community engagement days, and educational partnerships.

Colart’s global CEO, Romain Guinier invites readers to explore their updated Impact Report, emphasising these achievements and reaffirming the company’s mission to “inspire every artist in the world”.


The latest impact report is available on our Sustainability page
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