Customer Survey 2019


At Colart, we value openness and feedback and see them as opportunities for improvement. That’s why, between the end of April and mid-June, we send our annual global customer survey to our customers.

This year, we received 384 responses that we have analysed, discussed and have followed by concrete plans and actions to address any concern, or to keep improving our strong points.

We are happy to see that Colart is associated with the words ‘Quality’ and ‘Professional’ As the first Art Materials supplier across the world, we are happy to hear that the high-quality of our products is recognised and that we are “a good company to do business with”. We are also aware we have some improvements to make in other areas, and we are making sure these issues are being addressed in a rapid and effective manner.

We are now acting on all the feedback received on both a global and local scale and we believe local improvements will be visible for our customers very soon. We constantly look to improve our communication and relationships with our customers and consumers – we would not be able to be where we are today without them.

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