Sustainability Report 2019-2020


We are proud to announce that Colart’s Sustainability Report 2019-2020 has now been released. Each year, at Colart, we do a report for the business that includes our social and environmental impact.

Find this year’s report here

Sustainability 2.0 | Our sustainability strategy

‘Enhancing the wellbeing of people and the planet through creativity’

We launched Sustainability 2.0 this year with a 5 year plan, and a clear focus on the environment, including KPI’s and clear targets. You will be able to find the next steps in our sustainability journey in the report.
For Colart, Sustainability in order to be successful needs to be integrated as part of the business. This isn’t just about the sites, but the materials we use, how we communicate to our customers and consumers. Sustainability in our supply chain is also crucial for our sustainability journey.

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