Installing New Liquitex Merchandising Units


“Liquitex has transformed itself through rebranding, refining its core and harmonising design across the range”

Art and creativity comes from inside the artist. To reflect this truth, Liquitex is innovating and evolving to provide even better support for creatives. As part of this process, the brand recently breathed new life into its merchandise display units by listening to what artists need and adapting accordingly.

Liquitex is an acrylic toolmaker that challenges the status quo – the brand is built on the belief that art is everything inside the artist. Creativity shouldn’t be restricted by rules and boundaries and the role of Liquitex is to act as a partner to creatives and support them on their journey.

To do this, Liquitex has transformed itself through rebranding, refining its core and harmonising design across the range. A full brand relaunch has seen Liquitex’s in-store presence completely reconstructed and redesigned to reflect the needs and behaviours of our shoppers.

[Above: Installing new Heavy Body tubes at a Blick store in New York City]

Shoppers have told us they want to be able to see the true application of our products in store and for us to highlight new items and what they do. Texture displays, hand-painted colour-charts and leaflet brand guides help Shoppers connect with the Liquitex story.

Segments can be tailored to shop layouts and smart components allow us to ensure shoppers have the right choice in the right store. The new displays have an integrated lightbox to showcase the latest campaign material. Shoppers can easily see instore promotions, to drive shopper frequency. To maximise impact, it was necessary to create something that not only looked good, but was fine-tuned to the shopping behaviour of the artist.

[Above: a section of the new merchandising display at a Blick store in New York City]

Liquitex conducted a study with PRS In Vivo, a shopper, packaging and NPD research specialist, using mobile eyetracking and shopalongs to reveal what shoppers look at, do and miss when they’re in front of a Liquitex display. This was supplemented by Ethnographics – a mobile app specifically designed to capture responses to retail environments. Participants were asked to visit their local art store and shop for acrylics. Using the digital platform, their reactions were captured in real-time, allowing Liquitex to understand what artists thought and felt about their shopping experience.


Liquitex is the world’s leading acrylic artist paint brand. Liquitex was the first water-based acrylic paint created in 1955 and since then they have partnered with artists to ensure that they continually evolve and innovate – resulting in a long history of acrylic innovation.

Find out more about Liquitex here.

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